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Top 6 Security Steps to Protect Your Data on Shared Computers

When we work in a company or office, our computers are connected to each other through LAN and we can use some data from other computers to fulfill our needs. This is a common thing in all the companies so there is no need to be worried about it. However, something that you should be worried about is that your data is at risk when you are working on the shared computers. Thus, you are supposed to take every step very carefully because there are others that have kept their eyes on your data.

Some expert tips may provide you some guidance on how to protect your data when you are working on shared computers. Thus, you can stay safe and work comfortably without having to worry about any attacks.

Use antivirus

When you are using shared computers, you need to make sure that you have antivirus installed on every computer. The antivirus helps you stay protected if someone else’s computer gets affected due to a virus. Thus, the virus won’t be able to travel to other computers and the users would be able to continue their work without any interruption.

Folder lock apps

The folder lock apps are really important as they will prevent other users from accessing some particular files on your computer. You are supposed to share some specific files with your colleagues. So, there is nothing wrong if you protect other folders with a password.

No personal information

When you are using shared computers, you should avoid adding your personal information on that computer. And try to keep your personal information saved on other devices. Thus, you won’t have to worry about any kind of false activities.

Encrypted files

Whenever you are sending a file to your fellow employee, you should encrypt it before sending it so that the hackers may not access that file unless they know the password that is needed to decrypt the file. Make sure that you use the symbols and a combination of small and capital letters for the password.

Protecting the switch

All the computers in a company are shared with the help of a switch. And the switch is the device that keeps the record of every file that goes from one computer to another. So, you should add proper security to every single port so that nobody can interrupt with those ports.


The use of firewall can also add proper protection to your computer. You can either purchase a firewall or design one on your own. In my opinion, self-designed firewalls work perfectly in such scenarios.

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