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Tools and Tricks Most Users Don’t Know they Can Do With Microsoft Word

There are many typists, writers and several other professionals all over the world that use Microsoft Word to perform several duties. In simple words, there are many individuals that have built a continuous relationship with the Microsoft word. But there are lots of them that only use a few features of the Microsoft Word and they are still unaware of the amazing features that Microsoft Word can offer them. Today, we are going to take a look at the amazing features that Microsoft Word can offer. The SaveOnIt Microsoft Office Word guide can provide you complete information about using different tricks on MS word.

You can use these tricks to perform several tasks. These tricks will make many things easier for you. There are many tasks where users spend a lot of time-solving different things. But now they can solve these tasks within a very short span of time. If you are a typist or a writer, you must go through the following information so that you can use it perform several tasks. easily.

Select the text quickly

If you are looking to select a complete paragraph in the Microsoft word, you can simply select it by using the triple-click option. There is another way of choosing the paragraph where you can select the entire sentence by a single click but you’d have to hold the CTRL key while you are trying this trick. The Microsoft word also allows you to select rectangular blocks in the Microsoft Word. So, if you are trying to highlight a specific area of the document, you can make it happen with the help of this interesting feature.

The extended clipboard

This feature allows you to bring multiple files to your word document from different folders. Usually, the Microsoft Powerpoint is used to create the presentations but you can now prepare a presentation on the Microsoft Word. So, you won’t have to learn two different products if you want to perform multiple tasks because the Microsoft Word can now accommodate all your needs.

Fast speed movement

If you want to jump to your recently edited spots, you can press the Shift+F5 on your keyboard to reach those spots. And you can also use this feature to reach your desired spot after re-opening a document in the Microsoft Word.

Change the sentence case

You can now quickly change the case of a text selection by pressing the Shift+F3 on your keyboard. It allows you to convert the case of the text to Uppercase, CamelCase, and Lowercase. This feature can be used in different situations when you are willing to change the case of a selection immediately.

Write Anywhere on the Page

There are no limitations when you are using Microsoft Word. You can use this product to write your text anywhere you want. Thus, you can use the Microsoft Word as a whiteboard if you want to explain something during a meeting.

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