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Where to find best online games for free?

Online games are everywhere now as there are lots of platforms that are offering different types of online games according to the standards of different people but the problem with most of the platforms is that they ask you to buy their membership before playing the games. This can be really irritating to you if you are a frequent game because some sites only have the games related to a particular category while others have their own categories. It means that you would have to buy the membership of each website if all your favorite games are available on different platforms.

Nobody would ever like to pay such a higher price for playing their desired games. In this situation, most of the people choose to sacrifice their desires while others always keep searching for some new platforms where they can find their favorite games for free. We have also found some interesting websites for you that can help in making your dreams come true.

We have collected some information about the top online websites where you can play online games for free.


The Gamestop Corporation is the owner of this most popular free gaming website. The site was first introduced in 2007 and it has received many customers since then. There are more than 70,000 free online games available on this website and some new games are also going to become a part of this library in the future. Action, puzzle, role-playing, and shooters are the most popular categories available on this site. In fact, all types of online games are available on this website.

Ad-free gaming, beta releases, special icons, themes and private chat rooms are the most remarkable features that you can obtain after buying the premium membership. However, all the games on this site are available for free.

Friv Games

Friv is another popular online gaming website that was released a few years ago. The reason why it has become so popular over a short span of time is that they are focused on sharing the HD quality games on their website while there isn’t any other website that can offer the HD quality games for free. That is why Friv is the best place to play free games. You can simply create an account on this platform by submitting some important information.

Armor Games

In the beginning, this platform was known as the Games of Gondor. Armor Games is one of the most popular gaming platforms that offer the newly released online games for free. You can find a bunch of online games on this website to play for free. Creating an account is quite simple. All you need to do is to submit your name and the email address and you’re ready to take a start.

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