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Best Mac Applications

When you take the world of computers or the entire tech industry, for that matter, there are very few major players. When it comes to Operating System, there are no second thoughts on the fact that the biggest and the most dominant ones are Microsoft and Apple.

Mac- The flagship of Apple has never been out of competition for a long time. There are possibilities that some might have used it, and some might have not. We are going to get into the argument of which is best because it can go on and on. In this article, we are going to see in detail some of the best applications for Mac that are recommended by setapp review.


Alfred is an app launcher that is more like a spotlight with the dash of Siri. Even though its main function is to launch applications, there is a lot that Alfred can do. Calculations can be performed quickly; web searches can be easily executed, quick find of word definitions and a lot of other things can be done with Alfred. It acts as a bridge between Siri and spotlight search. It is done by allowing you to automate tasks and letting you do advanced functions.

Bartender 3

Bartender 3 is an application that you need to have if you are using too many applications. It is more like a tool that lets people organize and systemize the interface that you have. With the help of bartender helps you to customize and select which are the applications that should appear in the menu bar and which apps should be hidden and so on. Bartender 3 also provides the users with the option of positioning the apps according to the convenience. It has a four-week trial, and you can purchase it for 15 dollars.


Amphetamine is one of the famous applications for many. The main function of Amphetamine is that it does not allow the system to go to sleep mode. It is the must-have app that will be very useful while streaming videos and wanting movies. There are a lot of activities that you will have to do with the system that does not require and action with a keyboard or mouse. You can easily get Amphetamine from the app store, and it is free of cost. You should also know that it does not work with older versions of OS like Yosemite.

Dropzone 3

After installing Dropzone 3 from the App Store, you will definitely feel that it has become a very important part of the Mac operating system. The app acts more like a short cut tool. It actually accelerates the action such as copying and moving files, launching the applications, sharing content through Facebook and Flicker. The files can also be uploaded through FTP and Amazon S3. The URLs shortened using Google shortner. All of these actions can be performed using Dropzone 3 with just a few clicks.

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