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Recent Articles


Sentiment analysis is a type of analysis where the contextual meaning of text is identified with its source material which helps businesses understand the social sentiments of any brand or product. The analysis of social media streams is much more difficult as they are count based metrics. We use the brand’s products and services to cater to the customers and also to understand the underlying intentions for the concerns.

The building blocks

Sentiment analysis tools is one of the most common text classification tool which analyses all the messages and gives you the underlying sentiment of the audience which can be positive, negative or neutral. There are also intent analysis tools which can help analyze the users intention of the message which helps you to review their opinion, news, marketing, complaints or suggestion, etc.


Contextual Semantic Search

To help derive credible insights it is important to understand the aspects of the brand. This helps the company understand and segregate the analysis into columns to make it easier for the brand to understand the feelings of their customers. The contextual Semantic Search helps by taking thousands messages and a concept which can help you filter of all the messages.


A deep analysis

A sentiment analysis for twitter starts with the initial analysis of payment and safety which is later divided further more to help understand the opinions, complaints, and suggestions which can filter all the possible messages into the category of span, Junk, Marketing, news and others. If there is any reasonable reduction of positive payment related tweets which can significantly drop positive tweets can be extremely bad for a brand. This helps people understand the most talked about topics and what are the way they can improve themselves as a brand. As in social media popularity is attributed to the share count, this also plays a huge role in understanding the consumer behaviour.


The conclusion

With all the advancements in technology it is easier than ever to get these meaningful insights from social media. Many case studies have shown the importance of understanding what people have to say on their social media page. This can just be the glimpse of understanding the sentiment analysis, concept analysis and applications. If you have a business or an organization, keeping track of all the sentiments mentioned in your social media page can be a very reliable metrics of the satisfactory service of your product. Companies have now understood the power of AI and how an intelligent classifier can help customize your dashboard for generating meaningful insights from your digital media.

Best Mac Applications


When you take the world of computers or the entire tech industry, for that matter, there are very few major players. When it comes to Operating System, there are no second thoughts on the fact that the biggest and the most dominant ones are Microsoft and Apple.

Mac- The flagship of Apple has never been out of competition for a long time. There are possibilities that some might have used it, and some might have not. We are going to get into the argument of which is best because it can go on and on. In this article, we are going to see in detail some of the best applications for Mac that are recommended by setapp review.


Alfred is an app launcher that is more like a spotlight with the dash of Siri. Even though its main function is to launch applications, there is a lot that Alfred can do. Calculations can be performed quickly; web searches can be easily executed, quick find of word definitions and a lot of other things can be done with Alfred. It acts as a bridge between Siri and spotlight search. It is done by allowing you to automate tasks and letting you do advanced functions.

Bartender 3

Bartender 3 is an application that you need to have if you are using too many applications. It is more like a tool that lets people organize and systemize the interface that you have. With the help of bartender helps you to customize and select which are the applications that should appear in the menu bar and which apps should be hidden and so on. Bartender 3 also provides the users with the option of positioning the apps according to the convenience. It has a four-week trial, and you can purchase it for 15 dollars.


Amphetamine is one of the famous applications for many. The main function of Amphetamine is that it does not allow the system to go to sleep mode. It is the must-have app that will be very useful while streaming videos and wanting movies. There are a lot of activities that you will have to do with the system that does not require and action with a keyboard or mouse. You can easily get Amphetamine from the app store, and it is free of cost. You should also know that it does not work with older versions of OS like Yosemite.

Dropzone 3

After installing Dropzone 3 from the App Store, you will definitely feel that it has become a very important part of the Mac operating system. The app acts more like a short cut tool. It actually accelerates the action such as copying and moving files, launching the applications, sharing content through Facebook and Flicker. The files can also be uploaded through FTP and Amazon S3. The URLs shortened using Google shortner. All of these actions can be performed using Dropzone 3 with just a few clicks.

Best Music Editing Software


Music is one of the very few things that can be a perfect companion to people in all kinds of situations. Be it a celebration or any sad occasion music can be part of both. If it is a celebration, it can elevate the spirits, and if it is something sad, it can comfort you.

Today most of the people, especially youngsters, are taking music as a carrier. They are able to gain a lot of knowledge through the internet. There was time making and recording music was confined to recording studios. But that is not the case in the current situation. If you a have a proper system with good music software you can make things on your own. We will see the best music editing software in this article.

Adobe Audition

Adobe’s offering for all the music professionals is the Adobe Audition. It is definitely one of the best music editing software that you can get. It has a multi-track editing and mixing feature which needs a special mention. Adobe’s homegrown AI ‘Adobe Sensei’ has a huge part to play in Adobe Audition, which is used in the feature called Auto Ducking. You can edit all formats of audio files. You easily use the software by going through the tutorials.

Logic Pro X

When it comes to technology and software, there is no way that Apple will be out of the competition. Logic Pro X is the music editing software that was developed by the tech giant Apple. The biggest flaw when it comes to Logic Pro x is that it is available only for Mac OS. Otherwise, it would have definitely clinched the top spot. The software has some of the most awesome features that cater to all kinds of users. From beginners to professionals, everyone will definitely find it great to use. Some of the special features are automatic timing match (Smart Tempo), Automatic chord conversion and a lot of other plug-in.


Audacity is free open source software is one of the most preferred audio editing software for beginners. But the thing about Audacity is that people have mixed reactions towards it. Some say that it is great and some say that it is ok and not that great. No matter what it will definitely clinch a spot in top 10 music making software for pc. It has all the features that you will need to edit an audio file.  It supports almost of formats of audio files. There are some special tools that can be used that include the time shift tool and envelop tool. The massive online community for this software and hence you can easily clarify your doubts.


Reaper is considered to be one of the most powerful features. It is an affordable software that has a lot of features. It can support multiple tracks, and there is multi-channel support that can support 64 channels for a single track. The tracks can be recorded to multiple disks at the same time for the data redundancy. It is one of the best software for applying real-time effects. It supports all kinds of audio files.

FL studio

If you are more into EDM FL studio is the right choice for you. FL studio is used by some of the most renowned artists such as Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson and a lot of other eminent personalities in the music industry. Some of the special feature of FL studio is multi-track recording, time stretching, and shifting the pitch.

The Future Of 3D Scanning


3D scanning is a very impressive way of analyzing real-world environments and objects in order to collect data as to their physical appearance and integrity. For example: Size, color, etc. The data which is collected can be used in many forms as it is converted into a digital image which can be viewed at from many angles, and it can even be edited. They mainly use it to construct some digital 3D models of the object, which can further be used in many industries.

It is based on many different kinds of technology and indeed has a couple of advantages, limitations and costs as well. Optical technology usually has an issue with objects that are very reflective of light and even transparent objects as well, so the machine can have problems in these areas. The properly collected data can be extensively used in the entertainment industry, which in turn uses it for the production of TV shows and movies. Even video games have majorly profited from this technology. This would include virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Some fields that also benefit from this tech are architecture, medicine, engineering, art, etc.


The quality control team of a company can only be as good as the tools that they are given to work with. Handheld 3D scanning technology has become a very essential part of the control of quality within an industrial setting. There are a few companies that offer 3d scanning services for various sectors. The 3d scanning machines have the abilities to capture the geometry and complete structure of a physical object and transform the same into digital data that can be analyzed. Some automated 3D scanning technologies are now using robotic arms and have immense potential in the field of quality control. Since it has an amazing capture rate, the technology is incredibly suited for quality control checks on conveyor belts. Some solutions that are automated (without the interference of humans) will typically offer a programmed method of operation which is effective for some scanning of objects which are indeed very large. A user can come in once in awhile and “teach” the machine if there are any changes that have to be implemented.

Imagine adding artificial intelligence (AI) to the process of scanning. The 3D scanning industry is one of the most easily employable areas of control of quality. Knowing that a machine with AI can do the same amount of work, even more, when compared to a human makes it so that the machine would be more efficient as machines do not need to rest. Adding AI to 3D scanning machines adds some immense potential to the industry as it makes sure that the work happens lightning fast. One more amazing feature of AI-based 3D scanning is that it can be used to inspect planes for dents. This technology can detect some issues that cannot be caught by the human eye.


Future of e-receipts


E receipts are one of the latest tech developments that many considerable numbers of businesses have embraced in recent history. We all know for a fact that with the development of technology most of the things have changed drastically. Even normal things like communicating with others, ordering food and booking a taxi have become so easy. If everything is changing why not the way receipts that are printed. In this article, we will see the future of e-receipts.

There are no second thoughts on the fact that ereceipt will become very common in the future.  But it is not going to happen just for the sake of convenience. There is a lot that is surrounding it.

Data and Intelligence


By now everyone knows the importance of data as some of the tech giants have made a considerable amount of money by selling the personal data of their customers. That is the potential that data has. By opting for e-receipts, a considerable amount of data can be obtained from the user legally. In today’s world possessing data is one of the biggest assets for any business.



From the data that has been acquired, a lot of insights can be gained. This will help in the development of business, and there is will an evident growth. Even with the simplest data like age and gender a lot of things can be determined, and it can have a very positive impact on any business.


These e-receipts will also help in the marketing process. With the help of e-receipts, one of the things that will become very easy is to retain the customer base. A simple example will give a clear picture. By using e-receipts, you will have a clear idea of who is your new customer and who is your regular customer. To retain that already existing customer base you can market your services or your products differently or provide them with special offers through your e-receipts.


One of the main reasons why e-receipts are going to be the future is because it is an eco-friendly process. A considerable amount of paper use will be eliminated which will save thousands of trees. This is one thing that no can deny and hence will embrace e-receipts in the near future.


Easy accounting

When you are opting for e-receipts one the things that you will find it a lot easy is the accounting process. When we say accounting, it does not mean just the calculation part. Your accounting can be so detail that you will be able to provide information with all the minute details. Accounting which is one of the biggest tasks on a daily basis will become easy, and all it will take is a few clicks.

SISContents – Unpacking Symbian SIS packages


SISContents is a tool that allows you to unpack and edit Symbian 9 SIS packages (Nokia S60 3rd Edition and Sony Ericsson UIQ 3.x platforms are supported). It helps you to inspect the files contained in SIS package, to see certificates against which it was signed as well as to view the PKG script that describes the on-device installation process.

Main features of SISContents:

– read the contents and show information on SIS package;
– unpack files from SIS package;
– extract embedded components of package as sis files (including certificates and signatures);
– view and save installation PKG script;
– show information on certificates (validity period, issuer, subject, etc.), and delete them from package;
– edit package: modification of name, vendor, version, type of installation, supported platforms (devices) is available. You can also replace and delete files containing in a package and change capabilities of executables (i.e. exe, dll, ldd, etc.);

Compatibility: Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server

SISContents is free software

Tools and Tricks Most Users Don’t Know they Can Do With Microsoft Word

There are many typists, writers and several other professionals all over the world that use Microsoft Word to perform several duties. In simple words, there are many individuals that have built a continuous relationship with the Microsoft word. But there are lots of them that only use a few features of the Microsoft Word and they are still unaware of the amazing features that Microsoft Word can offer them. Today, we are going to take a look at the amazing features that Microsoft Word can offer. The SaveOnIt Microsoft Office Word guide can provide you complete information about using different tricks on MS word.

You can use these tricks to perform several tasks. These tricks will make many things easier for you. There are many tasks where users spend a lot of time-solving different things. But now they can solve these tasks within a very short span of time. If you are a typist or a writer, you must go through the following information so that you can use it perform several tasks. easily.

Select the text quickly

If you are looking to select a complete paragraph in the Microsoft word, you can simply select it by using the triple-click option. There is another way of choosing the paragraph where you can select the entire sentence by a single click but you’d have to hold the CTRL key while you are trying this trick. The Microsoft word also allows you to select rectangular blocks in the Microsoft Word. So, if you are trying to highlight a specific area of the document, you can make it happen with the help of this interesting feature.

The extended clipboard

This feature allows you to bring multiple files to your word document from different folders. Usually, the Microsoft Powerpoint is used to create the presentations but you can now prepare a presentation on the Microsoft Word. So, you won’t have to learn two different products if you want to perform multiple tasks because the Microsoft Word can now accommodate all your needs.

Fast speed movement

If you want to jump to your recently edited spots, you can press the Shift+F5 on your keyboard to reach those spots. And you can also use this feature to reach your desired spot after re-opening a document in the Microsoft Word.

Change the sentence case

You can now quickly change the case of a text selection by pressing the Shift+F3 on your keyboard. It allows you to convert the case of the text to Uppercase, CamelCase, and Lowercase. This feature can be used in different situations when you are willing to change the case of a selection immediately.

Write Anywhere on the Page

There are no limitations when you are using Microsoft Word. You can use this product to write your text anywhere you want. Thus, you can use the Microsoft Word as a whiteboard if you want to explain something during a meeting.

Top 6 Security Steps to Protect Your Data on Shared Computers


When we work in a company or office, our computers are connected to each other through LAN and we can use some data from other computers to fulfill our needs. This is a common thing in all the companies so there is no need to be worried about it. However, something that you should be worried about is that your data is at risk when you are working on the shared computers. Thus, you are supposed to take every step very carefully because there are others that have kept their eyes on your data.

Some expert tips may provide you some guidance on how to protect your data when you are working on shared computers. Thus, you can stay safe and work comfortably without having to worry about any attacks.

Use antivirus

When you are using shared computers, you need to make sure that you have antivirus installed on every computer. The antivirus helps you stay protected if someone else’s computer gets affected due to a virus. Thus, the virus won’t be able to travel to other computers and the users would be able to continue their work without any interruption.

Folder lock apps

The folder lock apps are really important as they will prevent other users from accessing some particular files on your computer. You are supposed to share some specific files with your colleagues. So, there is nothing wrong if you protect other folders with a password.

No personal information

When you are using shared computers, you should avoid adding your personal information on that computer. And try to keep your personal information saved on other devices. Thus, you won’t have to worry about any kind of false activities.

Encrypted files

Whenever you are sending a file to your fellow employee, you should encrypt it before sending it so that the hackers may not access that file unless they know the password that is needed to decrypt the file. Make sure that you use the symbols and a combination of small and capital letters for the password.

Protecting the switch

All the computers in a company are shared with the help of a switch. And the switch is the device that keeps the record of every file that goes from one computer to another. So, you should add proper security to every single port so that nobody can interrupt with those ports.


The use of firewall can also add proper protection to your computer. You can either purchase a firewall or design one on your own. In my opinion, self-designed firewalls work perfectly in such scenarios.

Why Do Developers Need a Social Media Profile?


The developers can get many opportunities to grow their professional status, therefore, they do not spend enough time on social media because they believe that social media is useless for them. Well, if we take a look at the negative aspects of social media, we would also believe that social media is useless for developers. In fact, it wastes their time and prevents them from focusing on their work.

However, if we take a look at the positive aspects of social media, we realize that social media is really important for the developers as it helps them grow in the international market. But the problem is that we only see the negative aspects of something and do not pay any attention to its positive aspects. That’s why most of the developers avoid making profiles on social media. As a result, they miss a very great opportunity.

If you are a developer, we would recommend that you should make a profile on social media and try to update it regularly. This may appear useless to you but once you take a look at the following information, you’d realize the importance of making and updating your profile on social media. Here are the reasons why developers need to make a profile on social media.

Getting international clients

The social media allows you to get in touch with people from various parts of the world. So, you can befriend people that are relevant to your profession. Most probably, they’d need to hire a developer for some task. In this situation, when they’d run a search through the search bar of social media, your profile would appear on the top of the search because you are already on their friends’ list. Similarly, if you regularly update your profile, the profile may also appear to the clients that are not even on your friends’ list.

The client will take a look at your work if you have regularly updated it on your profile. And they’d contact you if they found that you can help them. Make sure that you keep following new people to grow your social circle. If you are facing trouble in getting more followers, you can use the Free Instagram followers trial to increase your followers.

Opportunities from the social media platform

The social media platforms are also in need of developers that can help them make improvements to their platform. So, if you got a chance to become a part of the social media team, you’d be considered as one of the blessed people in the world because getting a job in well recognized social media platform isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

You’d only be eligible for this opportunity if you are regularly updating your profile on social media otherwise, others would take this opportunity from you and you’d keep watching their faces.

7 Things to Know Before Installing Windows on Your PC


When it comes to installing the windows on our PC, we do not make a lot of research. All we do is that we purchase a DVD from a nearby store and then install it into our computer or some of us download it online and install it on the computer. While most of the people do not know that Windows can also cause you a lot of trouble if you have not chosen them carefully. So, today we are going to talk about a few important things you must know before installing Windows on your PC.

These tips will make you feel free from all kinds of worries. Here are the things you should know before installing the Windows on Your PC.


The processor you are using on your computer is the most important part for determining that which version of Windows is suitable for your computer. There are many people that complain that the speed of their computer decreased after installing the Windows. This is just because they do not install the compatible Windows on their PC.

For example, the Windows 7 Ultimate is only suitable for core 2 duo and for the processors that were launched after that. So, if you have installed this version on a slow processor, it would definitely affect the speed of the computer.


The RAM is also an important part of the computer as it helps in maintaining the speed of your computer. So, you must check the speed of the RAM before installing the Windows on Your PC. Thus, you’d be able to choose the most suitable version of Windows.


Different versions of Windows require different levels of storage space. So, before installing a specific version of Windows on your computer, you must make sure that your computer can easily accommodate all the features of the Windows.


You’d have to Format your disk before installing the Windows. Therefore, you should backup all the important data before installing the Windows otherwise, you won’t be able to recover that lost data.

Windows Key

The Windows won’t work on your computer unless you submit a valid key. There are some over smart people that find the Keys from different ways and then use them to activate the Windows. They do not know but they are actually putting their personal information at a risk. Therefore, you should avoid this mistake.

32-bit or 64-bit

You must check the resolution of your screen before installing the Windows. There are different versions of Windows that are compatible with different screens. So, you must choose the one that is suitable for your screen’s resolution.


Make sure that you check the security features of the Windows before installing them on your computer. Thus, your information would stay safe from all kinds of illegal attempts.